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I am beginning to think that the library may well be without any coherant answers. There is absolutely nothing to take guidance from, no information but snippets, no guardians or leaders... Why are we here?

[She sounds almost as if she is talking to herself, a little quiet and subtley frustrated. After a pause, she gives a brief sigh, metal clinking as she shakes her head.]

Wondering endlessly will do no good. I still mean to find the answers somehow. If the dreams made a mite of sense I might have better luck... or if Impa were here...

Do we need any other resources? Lenalee, how did you fare finding more food?
* * *
The library has continued to yield nothing, so far. But somewhere, there must be something.

Also, your game of - [She pauses to recall.] - baseball was very interesting. I think I should like to learn how to play, if I might. However, more importantly, I would like to begin the training Angeal proposed. It... has been a long time, after all...

At least I now feel quite adept at avoiding drowning, though complacency with such is surely to be avoided.

[Locked to Link // Hackable with little effort]

You know me as I am older, don't you?
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There seemed nothing of note to be found in the library, but... it was only one try. It may be something was overlooked, or hidden. There was no attack, but I could feel them there. I will go again and look. Any who wish to join me are more than welcome - there is, after all, a great deal of ground to cover. We must be able to find a way around this... and out of this place.

[She pauses, swallowing. The anxiety in her voice is she manages, for the most part, to hide.]

But I do wish those figures at the window would leave.

* * *
Our number grows... Perhaps not so fast as it did, but... Notable, all the same. And we still have none of our answers.

I am hesitant to make anything certain, but it seems I may have some skill with wards, and perhaps healing. It may not be entirely reliable, not yet at least, but I do intend to hone it. Also, thank you to all who started teaching me that game.

At some point in the near future, I should like to go and see what else can be found in the city. I know that I for one have need of a raiment more befitting the circumstances than what I arrived in, and that in the wardrobe is an ill fit. And would feel entirely wrong. Would any be interested in accompanying me?

[She pauses, then sounds a little more nervous. To her credit, her fear is something well-reined in. She stands firm.]

Link. What fate has befallen you? Where are you? I would... have you come to find me rather than another.
* * *
[A small, awkward clearing of the throat.]

That strange box with the pictures... Elena called it a television, I believe... Are they always like that? I'm very sorry, Angeal sir, I switched it off as soon as I could.

The young boy is still there... And still seeking an elder sister. I wonder why, or what we could do... On the other hand - [She brightens] - I am getting increasingly better at avoiding drowning. It is a useful skill I never had use for before. So... I suppose this may be a learning experience, if not the most pleasant.

[She pauses after those words. Listening to something, perhaps? And then she goes on.]

Dômeki? Would you teach me that game, soon? Some light hearted ways to pass the time would likely be good for all of us... and on that note... I once again extend my offer to help any who need it, however I can. Though... I am yet practising with things. Is everyone settling alright? Perhaps a foolish question, I know...

Perhaps we should compile the information we have already?
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This may well seem an odd question, and forgive me if it is, but would anyone be kind enough to show me how it is these strange... contraptions in the homes work? I did manage to figure out the strange lights, but the rest is somewhat baffling.
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'Nee-san'? Does anyone know what that means? And this morning, that woman beneath the bed, it was difficult not to look... I wonder if we can do anything for them...

[Zelda is almost a little awkward. She is not used to addressing people, considering the last several years of her life.]

Ah... if anyone needs help - please do not hesitate to let me know? It seems like working together is wisest. I'm not sure what I can do... But I intend to find out as I can.

* * *
[The voice on the communicator is female, bright more with curiosity than fear, though that may be there too, a tremor below the surface.]

It seems that we are not alone, then...

[She raises her voice – perhaps a little too loud, in fact - and speaks in a clear, smooth tone, regality clear in her tone. Somehow, she sounds older than her voice would first suggest.]

All can hear this, then?

I am Zelda, P... [A pause as she trails off, quite seamlessly moving on.] I note all seem to be in as much a state of disarray as I, but... does anyone know what is going on?

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Name: Princess Zelda
Source: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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